Invisible Visible

 A little while ago I watched a video of Prince Harry discussing mental health and the invisible wounds we carry in our hearts. That coupled with my own experiences, inspired this new poem. 

Invisible Visible

I wear these hidden wounds
Like battle scars across my chest.
Emblazoned with a smile,
Punctuated with dry tears
    You can't see.

My heart is blistered,
Burned by the every day
Ordinary happenings;
Things you'd never get
    And can't feel.

All those events of
Long ago and yesterday
Replay like old records;
Played by a broken needle
    You can't fix.

I'm weary and aching
From holding it all together,
From picking up the pieces
Of this lonely broken soul
    I can't put back together


Bleeding hearts are bleeding
Nonetheless. Wounded minds
Broken by the ordinary...
And the extraordinary;
    Can be mended.
    Can be lifted.
If only I could let you in.

By: T.J. Ruberto (c) 2017


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