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Sharing Some Love....

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT write this. My husband did. We were discussing yesterday whether or not we wanted or needed one another. I told him I needed him and felt his presence was a necessity to life. Although his initial response was not this wordy... I woke up to this today and felt loved beyond words. So, although it wasn't written by me, it was written for me and thus blog worthy. ;)


I need you to tell me to pick up my clothes,
I need you to tell Niven to stop picking his nose.
I need you to tell me to take the kids here and there,
I need you to tell me that you always care.
I need you to remind me of the things I need to do,
I need you to tell me to do them now too.
I need you to yell,and to scream and to fight,
I need your heart in it or it will never feel right.
I need you to keep track of, to budget, to plan,
I need you to manage our extended kid clan.
I need you to smile, and love me in bed,
I need you to calm, my hot tempered head.
I need you to laugh to chuckle o…

Monumental Pieces

Monumental Pieces
I am one-hundred-thousand tiny pieces      scattered on the earth.  I am a perplexity of emotions,     a conundrum of cause and effect. 
I am discombobulated odds and ends      falling through my hands. I gather up my parts     these tokens     that make me whole inside.  My harvest rich with revelry     and with mourning.      This is a reaping of remembrance. 
These mementos once relinquished      in disarray amidst my time. I am an infinite enigma,     one of the grandest proportions.  I am a mystery     even to myself      an audacious and beautiful bewilderment. 
I am transfixed      by the separation of these fragments      dispersed within my soul. I am confusion      and yet composure      residing in one dwelling.   I am a contradiction of rationale.      I am a medley      only avowed to some     in delicate partitions. 
My complete being    a fantasy theorized,     but never witnessed in entirety    for I am Delphian by nature. I accept my inexplicability  …

The Phoenix Rises Above


A locution is not the weapon you portray it to be,
It is but a word, a collection of letters, a song of syllables,
And yet you wave these designations around like a well-honed sword.

You puff out your chest and thrust your chin to the sky,
A mighty warrior armed with words in place of weapons,
You take your place upon the battlefield prepared to scathe your enemy.

But there is no one there, no antagonist to play out this game,
Your opponent is, but a poem, a release of feeling, another's opinion,
Yet you lash out, thrashing at the invisible, spewing hatred at an author unbeknownst to you.

When your supposed archenemy takes the higher ground, providing no rebuttal,
You repeat your tyranny, repeating the same words to the same tune over and over and over again,
You lash out, but there is no enemy to prevail, your weapons futile in the ether,  you remain adrift.

There is no clash, no duel, no contest, left to be fought or won,
Your enemy has risen from the ashes, gained power…

I Forgive You.


You are a drunk,
A slave to alcohol,
A gluton of booze,
A beer guzzling, ethanol disposing unit, and nothing more.
But, I forgive you.

You are a donor,
A sperm provider,
A giver of cum,
A woman fucking, ejaculating dick, and nothing more.
But, I forgive you.

You are a traitor,
A yellow neck coward,
A red face tyrant,
A child abandoning, abusive bastard, and nothing more.
But, I forgive you.

You are a loser,
A sorry excuse of a man,
A disgrace to your name,
A waste of skin, taker of space, depriver of oxygen, and nothing more.
But, I forgive you.

You are a vile equivocator,
A creator of untruths,
A master manipulator,
A narcissistic fibber, a false witness,  putrid perjurer, and nothing more.
But, I forgive you.

You are a child abuser,
A hate filled monster,
A violator of souls,
A gangrenous disease, culprit in our veins,  havoc inducer, and nothing more.
But, I forgive you.

You are a despicable story,
A distant memory,
A past recollection,
A resignation, a cast away, a forg…

Gold Rush In

Gold Rush In

Repair me with gold to find the beauty in my flaws.
Fill these empty spaces where I once was.
I am shattered.
Fix these cracks so that I can feel whole again.
Build me stronger than I am capable of being.
I feel broken.
Pick up the pieces of my soul and look upon them.
Figure out the complication, the mystery I am. Or was.
I am fragmented.
Search for me within the storm of pain; within the heartache.
Reach out to me, medicate what torments me. I am suffering.
I do exist somewhere within this tornado of despair.
Destructive winds battering all that I have left.
But, I am not destroyed.
I am still in here that woman that I was. Before.
I am camouflaged by the monster that feeds upon me.
I am hidden.
For now I rest in the eye of this apocalyptic terror.
Breathing in. Breathing out. Coping as best I can.
I am surviving.
I cannot see the light to break apart these shadows. I cannot hear a sound to crush the deafening silence. I feel empty.
Yet, I hang on by a gold…