Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Perpetual Dieter

I came across this in my fb memories feed today and thought I would share.

Perpetual Dieter

I hate food. I hate scales. I hate diets and sizes on clothing.
I hate body image bullshit and wishing I was something I'm not.
I hate mirrors.
I hate this never ending roller coaster.
I hate portion sizes and carbs, fat and calories.
I hate weight watchers and Bernstein.
I hate Jenny fucking Craig.
I hate fat-free, sugar-free, and diet.
I hate organic this and non-GMO that. I hate "good for you" and "bad for you".
I hate chips. I hate chocolate. I hate cake.
Ok maybe not cake.
I hate pounds shed, pounds gained, pounds lost only to be found again.
I hate hating what I've done to the temple that I am.
I hate that I can't live on water and wine. Oh... and coffee.
I hate McDonald's and Tim Horton's and the greasy spoon down the road.
I hate breakfast. I hate lunch. I hate dinner and snacks. 
I hate not loving the way I look. I hate not setting an example for my children.
I hate food addiction. I hate fat. I hate being too (fill in the blank).
I hate the shit I stuff in my face.
I hate eating simply for the sake of feeling something.
I hate feeling full, feeling hungry, and feeling nothing.
I hate feeling guilty.
But I love so much. I love life and I love myself enough to try to change my perception.
~ by T.J. White (c) 2015