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Today the world is a dark and dreary place.
Well not today, but perhaps just tonight.
I am overwhelmed, over stressed, and over tired.
I am under the weather, under appreciated, and misunderstood.
What I really want is to say goodbye
But I say hello instead.

Sometimes I am tired of living in a world where friendship means acquaintance;
Where favours are expected and demanded;
Where desperation isn't convenient - so suck it up;
Where difficulty coping translates to defeat;
Where insults are hurled when love would suffice;
Where love and understanding are replaced with text messages and emojis;
Where "I need you" gets a "it's too busy / too late / I'm too tired / well too bad".
Where supporting one another is a laughable past time.

Tonight, in this nightmare come to life,
I am reminded of my every failure and my every shortcoming.
"You're too emotional / too loud / in too much of a rush.
I feel less than adequate, below average, and an abysmal …