Crowded Alone

You make me feel completely discombobulated;
Like I'm something I am
    most definitely not.
Around you I feel frigid, chilled, ice cold to the bone.
But clearly this sweat
    tells me I'm hot.

With you in this room I feel confined and contained;
Like I'm a prisoner
    with something to hide.
Sitting near you makes my stomach lurch nauseated;
Like I'm riding the rails,
    yet I'm not on a ride.

Your eyes make me question my personal identity;
Who I thought I was, and am, are
    no longer set in stone.
Standing in this crowded room I feel desolate;
Like a life boat cast out to sea,
    utterly and completely alone.

You are my nemesis disguised as my devoted ally;
Like a monster masked by
    the face of a friend.
You offer new beginnings, olive branches, and cures,
But all you truly dish out is a
    shortcut to the end.

By: T.J. Ruberto (c) 2017


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